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Welcome to BMA Web Design

There is nothing more integral to self promotion than having a presence on the Internet. While most people believe this to be true, it can be difficult to determine how to go about creating a professional looking web site. While there are many options available, I take pride in offering a personal touch to every site I design. I take time to learn about the individual and what the expectations are. I work hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.


I have been designing web sites since 2000. I became interested in design when I learned of a product called Adobe PageMill. I purchased it and quickly became enamoured with the whole art of web page design. Whilst talking to a co-worker, it was casually mentioned that she knew of someone who wanted to sell his art on the Internet. I explained I was learning how to design and would love to have a go. I now had my first client and I went to work. I did not know how to code and because PageMill was a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML authoring program, I was set. Because layer based sites was still a new aspect of design and not supported by most browsers, I set the site up with a series of tables. In one column would be the images and in another would be the description, prices, etc.

Because E-Commerce had long been established with sites like eBay and Amazon (both launched in 1995), my client was able to accept credit cards via the Internet for his art. For my first site, I was thrilled to get the experience of setting up an online shopping cart.

As the years passed, I created several sites including the initial development of www.thistle.co.uk. I have only ever considered web design a hobby but because I have taken on 6 new clients within the past year, I have decided to offer my services to anyone who requires a quality site at a very reasonable price.

Creating a site as unique as you

Every client is unique and I approach each new project the exact same way. I talk to you about what YOU want and what you hope to achieve with your site. I then ask for you input as far as layout, etc. Most of my clients provide me with examples of other sites they like and ask for something similar. I then get to work on something that I believe matches what you are looking for. Once you are pleased with the initial look and feel, I add the content. I take pride in arringing your content in a simple, easy to find format. This will ensure that visitors to your site will be able to find what they want.

Planning your site can be a daunting process so I have created a step by step guide to creating your online presence. In this guide I cover everything from domain name registration to a more in depth view of the design process. Click here to view the "Planning Your Website" information guide.